Reynolds Wrap Seeks 'Chief Grilling Officer' for Cross-Country Travel

The gig includes a $10K stipend. Sign us up.

By Becca Miller
July 31, 2018

Image: Reynold’s Wrap

If you’re a fan of grilling, eating and traveling, listen up. Reynold’s Wrap has the job posting just for you.

The company in charge of creating the trusty foil you rely on every day to wrap, roast, heck, even grill, is on the hunt for one fan to take on the role of Chief Grilling Officer, or CGO for short.

If chosen for this honored position, you would receive a $10K stipend to travel from coast to coast in search of America’s best grilled foods. If that’s not enough to entice you, you’d get ins to a host of restaurants famous for some rad barbecue dishes, along with prepaid airfare and hotel reservations.

Bonus: your dinners include a table for two. Your friends will, we’re sure, be competing for your affection so they can tag along on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

As CGO, Reynold’s Wrap would trust you to give the best tips and tastiest recipes for fans to enjoy over social media and the Reynold’s Kitchens website, a space dedicated to giving some great tricks to cook the best meals.

From today until August 13th, Reynold’s will be accepting applications to fill the gig. To enter this contest, write up 100 words on why you think you’re worthy of this position, plus a photo of your favorite grilling recipe to

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