Research Shows Teens To Be More Food-Obsessed Than Ever

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow’s meal.

By Ethan L. Johns
June 01, 2018

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If you thought millennials were the biggest foodies, think again. Generation Z is just getting started.

As it turns out, teens spend over 140 hours per year thinking about what they’re going to put into their mouths, according to new research commissioned by the frozen food company Farm Rich. The study, which focused on teenagers’ attitudes toward food and eating, used survey data collected from 2,000 families and left us with some clues as to how habits might change in the coming years.

For starters, today’s teens have their minds on food. All the time. Between the ages of 13 and 19, they spend an estimated average of 1,000 hours (almost 42 days) thinking about it.

And while millennials witnessed the explosion of the global food obsession, these kids are living it. The survey reported that teen tastes “are becoming more sophisticated,” based off those of their parents. With sophistication comes choosiness—teens are unhappy with meals an average of four times per month. In fact, 52 percent say that the meals their parents prepare don’t fit their tastes or lifestyle (32 percent are interested in going vegetarian).

Are they rebellious? Perhaps in other ways, but 90 percent of teens enjoy eating with their families, and their favorite meal is dinner.

But, being teenagers, they also love a good snack. They go searching for munchies an average of two to three times per day, with top favorites including chips, fruit and pizza.

Finally, teens who get inspired by cooking shows (46 percent) and cook to be creative (20 percent) will be delighted to know that Genius Kitchen has over 500,000 recipes and an amazing roster of culinary shows. Just sayin’.

To see more survey results in infographic form, check out this article.

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