Red Lobster Tweaks Southern Classic, Creates Lobster & Waffles

Battered, fried and doused in maple syrup.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 26, 2018

Image: Red Lobster

We thought we had seen it all when the drunk staple that is Chicken and Waffles got turned inside out to make a Double Down sandwich with chicken for buns and waffles for fillings. But today we realized that even this dish could be outdone with the addition of luxurious lobster.

That’s because on Monday, Red Lobster announced the newest addition to its limited-time Lobsterfest menu: Lobster and Waffles. Lobster might be expensive and chic, but that sure as heck doesn’t mean you can’t throw it in the deep fryer and have it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The country’s largest seafood chain isn’t about to serve up just any old combo of shellfish and waffles. For the semi-steep price of $19.99, you get a buttermilk-battered-and-fried Maine lobster tail, softly nestled on top of of a waffle made of Red Lobster’s famous Cheddar Bay Biscuit batter. It’s crispy, it’s crunchy, it’s savory and it’s sweet, especially with a big drizzle of maple syrup on top.

Of course, not everybody is into the idea of dousing their precious lobster tail with the nectar of the maples. Is it a corruption of southern food? Is it a strange, incomprehensible combination of flavors? Or is it just the perfect combination of highbrow and lowbrow, making it craveable and delicious? We’re not sure, but we can feel our claws snapping with excitement.

There’s no official end date to the promotion—which also features “Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese” and “Dueling Lobster Tails”—so curious crustacean lovers ought to act fast.

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