12 Ripe & Peachy Recipes For Living Your Best Summer Life

You remember Princess Peach, the sweet-as-sugar damsel of Nintendo's Mushroom Kingdom? Clearly, Princess knows what's up in fashion and in food. Soon enough, you’ll be singing the praises of peaches just like her—all thanks to this bushel-full of juicy dishes starring summer’s perkiest fruits in the centerfold.

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Peach Crisp

Not a cobbler. Not a buckle. Not a Brown Betty and definitely not a grunt. When you roll up to that summer potluck, you’d best be bringing your A-game, aka the one true king of crisps. Behold this bounty of tender peaches thatched over with buttery toasted oats tossed in cinnamon and nutmeg. Get the Recipe >>>


Ben & Jerry’s Fresh Georgia Peach Ice Cream

Sneak a peek at the ice cream kings’ playbook, then skidaddle towards the nearest exit before they set the hounds on you. Sorry B & J, better luck next time. For now, we’re tucking into this freshly-churned bowl of your secrets, fragrant with sunny-flavored peaches and bright citrus. Get the Recipe >>>

Peach, Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Pizza

Name says it all, right? You can call this summer-fresh ‘za the PPGC—who cares if no one actually knows what that stands for. The proof’s right there on the pie: a balanced trio of sweet, salty, tangy all stars scattered with Herbs de Provence. Get the Recipe >>>

Peaches ‘N Cream Icebox Pie

To the icebox! Aka the eskimo hut, Dr. Freeze, winter’s kingdom—whatever old-fangled term you crazy kids use for your freezer. That’s where the magic happens when it comes to this graham cracker-crusted pie loaded with a creamy, peach-heavy filling. Get the Recipe >>>


Strawberry & Peach Jam

Hipsters vs. Grannie: Who makes the best artisanal jam in town? Just kidding, that’s no contest. Grannie obviously slays with her simple-is-smarter approach to canning, calling for just five seasonal ingredients. Get the Recipe >>>

Pork Chops with Brandied Peaches

What’s that sound? The flavor train? Must be hauling in a fresh shipment, just in time for dinner al fresco. Unload that cargo hold of curry powder, brandied peaches and balsamic vinegar all over a thick pile of pork chops, then brown and simmer like the champ you are. Get the Recipe >>>

Peach Scones

Equally at home at a croquet-side garden party or schnarfed solo over the kitchen sink, these peachy scones will fulfill all your deepest carb-related needs. And since they’re made with low-fat yogurt, they’re downright smug about it. Get the Recipe >>>


Simple Peach Pie

Swipe right, swipe right! This classic isn’t just about good looks (though they don’t hurt). This profile just might hold your ideal summer fling: sturdy double crust, gooey sun-tanned peaches laced with cinnamon and crunchy, caramelized sugar freckles. Come to mama. Get the Recipe >>>

Peach Tomato Salsa

You’d better buy the bulk bag of chips. And sharpen those knives, cause you’ll be chop-chop-chopping for a spell, but it’ll all be gravy once you’ve stocked yourself with a season’s worth of sweet peach salsa to slather over nachos and grilled chicken. Get the Recipe >>>

Peach Omelette Souffle

Sounds weird, tastes great. Not really an omelette or souffle, this puffy, eggy pancake is primarily a handy vehicle for shoveling mass quantities of sugar-sweetened peaches into your face. And for that, we salute it. Get the Recipe >>>


Peach Lassi

Lassi makes you say “yaaasssi!” A pinch of turmeric turns up the volume in this peach-and-lime puree, while cayenne and a few sprigs of lemon balm lend subtle citrusy heat to the yogurt lassi layer. Get the Recipe >>>

Peach & Spice Upside Down Cake

Put your peach down, flip it and reverse it. (Thanks for the culinary instruction, Missy Elliott.) That’s about all there is to know, since this wicked-simple recipe leans on spiced cake mix to do the heavy lifting. Preach, peach. Get the Recipe >>>

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