Prepare for Summer with Orange Creamsicle-Flavored M&M’s

Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s will be available exclusively at Dollar General.

By Ethan L. Johns
April 26, 2018

Image: Mars, Inc.

Summer hasn’t quite arrived, so while we wait for that siren song of ice cream trucks to return, we’ll have to take to the streets with something a little less meltable.

Craving an ice pop anyway? Try a handful of M&M’s instead. On Wednesday, Mars, Inc., announced that it was releasing new, ice cream-inspired Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s, which will be available beginning April 30th. The candies will be available exclusively at Dollar General stores in the U.S., according to People.

Orange Vanilla Cream sound familiar? You guessed it; these M&M’s taste like Creamsicles (coincidentally, a registered trademark of Unilever). The candies will feature a white chocolate center, with white and orange shells. The ensemble will taste a bit like those creamy frozen pops on a stick that must not be named by Mars, Inc., for legal reasons.

In the spirit of collaboration, a dollar will be donated for each bag of these M&M’s (up to $20,000) to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, which focuses on adult literacy for those who were unable to receive basic education.

This is the second ice cream-themed flavor that M&M’s have unveiled this year, following the Neapolitan M&M’s released in February. The brand is also in the midst of an epic flavor battle, between its limited-edition crunchy M&M’s. The competition, which pits mint against raspberry and espresso, ends on May 25th.

Looking for a boozy version? This Dreamsicle Margarita will have you dreaming about summer.?

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