Popeyes Wants You to Drive 12 Hours for Fried Chicken

They’ll even give you “12 Free Months of Popeyes” for the effort!

By Ethan L. Johns
October 23, 2018

Image: Popeyes

How far would you drive for some free fried chicken? Would you drive so far that it’s basically no longer free, because you’ve spent more on gas than you ever would have on a meal?

If your answer to the second part of that question was “yes,” then you will most certainly be intrigued by a new promotion from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, which requires that fast food fiends take a 12-hour drive across the American South.

Why, you might ask, must hungry Americans drive 12 hours to claim a free meal? Well setting aside the fact that long, gas-guzzling car rides are an official part of the American Dream, Popeyes says that it takes 12 hours to marinate its chicken before it’s ready to be fried. And you must know that patience is a virtue.

Red-blooded U.S.A.-ers will place their order at a “standalone menu board” located in Interstate 10 outside of Fort Stockton, Texas, before driving all the way to the company’s flagship restaurant in New Orleans, where they will receive $360 in gift cards, or what Popeye’s is calling “12 free months of Popeyes.”

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Ignore the fact that you just spent $150 on gasoline, or that you will have to pay income tax on those gift cards; you get a year’s worth of free Popeyes! Thirty dollars per month, or $15 per month if you share with your co-pilot.

Of course, you can’t just show up to the “12-Hour Drive Thru” in Texas; you first need to apply to be selected. Only once your application has been judged for “humor,” “uniqueness,” “creativity” and “whether the entrant would be a good representative for the Popeyes brand,” will you be able to pass your command and undertake the venture.

Or, you know, you could just put on your fake southern accent and order a $5 Boneless Wing Bash via UberEats.

Love that chicken from Popeyes!

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