Pizza Hut’s Here to Educate You On Eclipse Viewing

The pizza chain will help you make an eclipse viewer. You just have to buy a pizza first.

By Ethan L. Johns
August 21, 2017

Image: Pizza Hut/YouTube

August 21, 2017
— For all the hype around today’s solar events, some (including this writer) will inevitably wake up and realize that they have failed to procure a pair of appropriately protective, UV-blocking ISO 12312-2 glasses to enable their viewing of the eclipse. Unless you’ve got easy access to a pair of welding goggles, you may feel as though all hope has been lost from the world. Despair not, young grasshopper, Pizza Hut is here with a helpful video that shows you how to make an eclipse viewer out of a pizza box.

Trading in secret methods known only to every Cub Scout on the planet, the pizza chain’s video features high-tech cardboard cutting and tinfoil, all of which allows a hopeful viewer to watch the eclipse indirectly, thus salvaging their poor little eyeballs. The idea behind this arts and crafts project is that the light from the sun passes through a hole punched in foil and is projected on a flat surface, allowing the viewer to see the silhouette of the eclipse. The pizza box technology also has the convenient side-effect of turning the user into a walking billboard for Pizza Hut.

So if you are excited to get out and join the masses as they stare into the sun, place your pizza orders now—and make sure you get extra cheese. Who needs glasses when you’ve got an oily box? Or you could just swallow your pride and ask the guy next to you to borrow his for like, five seconds. Thanks, man.

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