Philly Dad Measures Son's Growth with Cheesesteaks

The true measure of a man is a greasy sandwich.

By Ethan L. Johns
January 05, 2018

Image: Brad Williams

Once upon a time, parents would keep track of their children’s respective heights by using a pencil in a door frame. Each year, as a child grew, a new mark on the wall would indicate a few inches grown. Well, darn it, that just wasn’t good enough for one Philadelphia man, who decided to take a slightly more creative and infinitely more gourmand approach.

Brad Williams, a computer programmer and personal blogger, like many parents started taking photos of his son, Lucas, when he was a newborn baby. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Williams brought home a Philly cheesesteak one night when his son was about two weeks old, and, noting that the sandwich was nearly the same size as the infant, decided to take a picture of the two for comparison purposes. The silly photo quickly took on a life of its own.

“What started out as a joke turned into a monthly tradition of cheesesteak measuring as Lucas was growing,” Williams explained in a blog post.

For the first year of the child’s life, Williams documented his growth every month. Not that it was scientific or anything; he actually used cheesesteaks from a variety of different sub shops. Hey, humans need to mix it up every now and again!

If some people are willing to take a good cheesesteak to their grave, it seems as though Lucas is not one of them. When Williams tried to take a photo of him with one for his second birthday, Lucas wriggled away, obviously sick and tired of Philly’s finest regional meatwich.

Sad for now, but two year-olds tend to be picky eaters. Maybe the third year will be the charm.

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