Nissin Designs Ramen Glasses with Fan to Prevent Fogging

The April Fools’ joke that noodle lovers really need.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 30, 2018

Image: Nissin Foods

Oh the sorrows of April 1st, when so many stories raise you up with excitement, then bring you down and upset you. We weren’t too sad about the burger-flavored protein powder or the Spielburgers from Carl’s Jr., but as a team of glasses-wearers, we fell right into the spider’s web when we heard about this one.

That’s because Nissin Foods, maker of Cup Noodles, announced a special new collaboration with Zenni Optical on Thursday, which sounded like the ultimate solution to all of our soup-related dilemmas.

The “Ramen Opticals” were designed with the soup-slurper in mind, and were supposed to come complete with a magnetic fork on one temple. Getting even more hi-tech, the other temple boasts an electronic fan that could blow away gusts of hot air and maybe even soup splattering, for a perfectly clear and visible eating experience. Throw in a steam-proof coating and you’ve got yourself a perfect pair.

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Representatives from Zenni’s online optical shop were play-excited:

"We could have stopped with the sleek fan," added PR director Sean Pate. "But our engineers took it one step further by integrating a detachable fork on the other arm of the frames—so Cup Noodles-loving eyeglass wearers are always prepared, no matter where or when hunger strikes."
And Nissin reps were pretty jazzed as well:

"I grew up wearing glasses and understand the steamed-up lens issue all too well," said assistant brand manager Brenton Gettmann. "We worked tirelessly with the optical engineers and industrial designers at Zenni's state-of-the-art Rx Labs and manufacturing facility to ensure everyone, including glasses-wearing instant ramen noodle lovers can enjoy their Cup Noodles-eating experience."

But alas, the Ramen Opticals do not actually exist, so while the folks at Cup Noodles were having their fun, the staff of Genius Kitchen was hunched over their soup bowls sobbing, glasses very much steamed.

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