New Jacket Holds All the PBR You Can Drink

The stealthiest, most insulated way to carry your 12-pack.

By Ethan L. Johns
January 19, 2018

Image: 686 Technical Apparel

Looking to hit the slopes, but afraid that your road soda will be gone before the chairlift gets you to the top of the hill? Never fear, the designers at 686 Technical Apparel understand your concern and have used their winter wear expertise to craft a coat that is bound to satisfy the storage needs of even the thirstiest mountain men.

In conjunction with Pabst Blue Ribbon, 686 developed the Sixer Insulated Jacket, which can fit a full 12-pack’s-worth of beer in a clever combination of inside and outside pockets. The jacket dropped in September and since then it’s been one of the most stylishly discreet ways to keep your body warm and your cans cold.

It all starts off down low with the jacket’s two cooler pockets. Each front pocket is insulated and can hold two 16-ounce brews, bringing us to a total of 64 ounces. That’s a half-gallon of protected PBR, since those front pockets have elastic to keep cans from bouncing around. Add to that another 16-ounce can in the insulated zip-up breast pocket, with another 16-ounce can in a chest koozie for easy access, making 96 ounces.

But why stop there when there’s so much potential on the inside? Mesh pockets inside the Sixer are big enough to hold four 24-ounce tallboy cans, while an interior chest pocket can hold two 16-ouncers, making for a grand total of 224 ounces. That’s almost two gallons of beer.

Add to that a killer color palate of PBR red, white and blue, as well as some hidden messages sprinkled about, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a functional, stealthy and snazzy piece of sportswear.

“You really can hold 11 or 12 beverages in here,” said Brent Sandor, VP of Marketing for 686. “Whether you’re fishing until the beer is gone or riding up the chairlift, you can always share one with your homies.”

Why on earth could one person need so many pockets? Hey, nobody said you have to use them all.

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