New Cocktail Fizzers to Star at Patrón’s Margarita Day Event

Tequila bath bombs from Cody Goldstein and the wild minds at Muddling Memories.

By Ethan L. Johns
February 21, 2018

Image: Patrón/MBooth

Fizzy drink additives usually show up after the party, when the only thing to cure an achy head is a tall glass of water and an Alka-Seltzer. But fizzy is fun, so why can’t it join the party too? Don’t speak too soon, because a brand new cocktail additive just literally exploded onto the scene.

The “Cocktail Fizzer” was created by Cody Goldstein and his coterie of cocktail whizzes from Muddling Memories as a complement to Patrón Tequila’s fourth annual Margarita of the Year competition—a contest that pits seven margarita makers against one another in an attempt to find the freshest new take on the cocktail.

The competition will launch on February 22nd—the ever-sacred National Margarita Day—at an event in Los Angeles. And since every good event needs a signature drink, the tequila company chose Goldstein, who had already created something new and buzzworthy in honor of the holiday. After three months of development, Goldstein gave the world the Cocktail Fizzer.

These first-ever cocktail fizzers are bath bomb-esque balls that you drop into a glass of straight tequila. As the tequila interacts with the fizzer, it bubbles, breaks down and turns your glass of liquor into a margarita-flavored cocktail. A little bit of genius to get you through your day.

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Goldstein—who is responsible for a smattering of New York’s latest, wildest pop-up bars that serve cocktails like this Willy Wonka-themed gumball machine—drew inspiration from the seven contest recipes while creating the flavor profiles for the fizzers, which are available in passion fruit and jalapeño, lychee and chia seed, tomato and thyme, celery and elderflower, pickled plum and kelp tea, and orange marmalade and sherry.

“With our company Muddling Memories we’re always looking to create an interactive experience around drinking,” Goldstein told Genius Kitchen over the phone. “In the end of the day we just want people to smile and have a good time, and the whole thing with creating an experience around a memory—whether it’s a bath bomb or dropping something into water and watching it expand—that to me was always fun and got me jazzed.”

The fizzers made their debut at Norwood in New York, a members-only arts club, where they were available for the public to taste by reservation. They will also be available at Patrón’s Margarita Day event if you have to good fortune to be attending. If you didn’t get the chance to try them, you might one day see them on shelves. Goldstein says that, with the right level of interest, his company would consider releasing them for purchase.

In the meantime, Patrón’s competition will last from February 22nd until Cinco de Mayo (May 5th for the non-Spanish-speaking crowd), during which time fans can try them out using the recipes or buy cocktail kits from Cocktail Courier, then vote on their favorites.

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