'Museum of Pizza' to Open in NYC, Complete with a 'Pizza Beach'

Art project or money-making machine?

By Ethan L. Johns
April 26, 2018

Image: Museum of Pizza/Facebook

The “Museum of Pizza” is the HBO of food pop-ups. Just enough oozing, slicing and bare skin to keep you interested.

Set to open in October, this new pizza pop-up concept is the brainchild of Nameless Network—an internet media company on a mission for virality. The Museum of Pizza, apparently, will meet all the criteria for that mission, with a “pizza cave,” a “pizza beach” and, of course, slices of pizza. Its website, so far, features an oddly erotic set of images featuring scantily-clad individuals feeding on (and being fed) slices of pizza.

The “museum” will be open for a limited run of two weeks, from October 13th to 28th. I Despite the fact that the location has not yet been revealed, tickets are currently available through Eventbrite for $35.

Visitors can expect a “marvelously-'grammable barrage” of “larger-than-life, immersive” pizza installations. Oh, and every visitor will get a slice of “free” pizza. But the organizers are quick to place the emphasis on the “art, culture and fun,” instead of the food.

In a charitable twist, the Museum of Pizza will donate a slice of its profits for the purpose of feeding families in need.

If the concept sounds familiar or unoriginal, that’s because it is. After the sold-out success of the Insta-famous “Museum of Ice Cream,” others have been quick to jump on the “museum” bandwagon in search of profit and exposure. A group of art students recently launched the “Egg House,” which riffs on the sprinkle pool with a yellow-and-white ball pit. The celeb-frequented Sugar Factory restaurant is planning a “Museum of Candy” in a Manhattan church, which will feature “the world’s largest gummy bear.”

While the Museum of Pizza bills itself as “the world’s first and only immersive art experience celebrating pizza,” it is certainly not the first pizza museum. Philadelphia welcomed a pizza culture museum called Pizza Brain back in 2012, and the U.S. Pizza Museum opened in Chicago in 2016.

Is it art? No sense even asking that question anymore. Will it work? In an Instagram age, without a doubt. Should we be depressed? Nah, pizza is delicious.

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