Mumm Champagne Is Coming to a Starship Near You

The specially-designed bottle is perfect for those casual zero-gravity moments.

By Ethan L. Johns
June 11, 2018

Image: Maison Mumm

Space beer always seemed like the final frontier of alcoholic beverages, just because companies were actually working on it. But if you’re going all the way to space, wouldn’t you want to celebrate with something a bit more festive?

Turns out Maison G.H. Mumm has been one step ahead the whole time, as it announced last week that it had perfected the design for its Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar: a champagne bottle that can be poured and consumed by the glass in a zero-gravity environment.

The bottle uses the carbonation of the champagne to push liquid out of the bottle. It floats under a metal halo, waiting to be transferred to a slightly concave glass. It was important to Maison Mumm that the space champagne be toast-able, so that space tourists and planetary colonizers can partake in a very human ritual, wherever they may be.

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Surface tension from the custom champagne glasses keeps a small amount of the bubbly trapped, which can then be slurped up by cosmonauts.

“It’s a very surprising feeling,” said cellar master Didier Mariotti in a statement. “Because of zero gravity, the liquid instantly coats the entire inside of the mouth, magnifying the taste sensations. There’s less fizziness and more roundness and generosity, enabling the wine to express itself fully.”

Zero gravity not being so friendly to trivial pursuits, a video from the champagne house shows drinking from the new Mumm bottle to be more event than relaxing experience. The white, bubbly puffs of fermented grape juice float from bottle to glass, occasionally escaping, as droplets fly around the cabin.

This is all well and good until you remember that floating liquids in space can cause drowning. Catch us on our private space jet drinking straight from the bottle.

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