Mrs. Fields Is Making 'Mean Girls' Cookie Cakes Next Week, and They're SO Fetch

“Is butter a carb?”

By Ellie Conley
September 28, 2018

Nearly 14 years after “Mean Girls” was first released, we (the fans) are still obsessed. Mean Girls Day, aka Oct. 3, is generally celebrated by quoting The Plastics and re-watching the movie. This year, however, Mrs. Fields is really stepping it up. The cookie chain is decorating their iconic chocolate chip cookie cakes with quotes from the movie, and yes, they’re so fetch.   

Get a cookie cake with the words “Is Butter a Carb?” scribbled on top in pink and white icing. The cakes are customizable, so if you have another favorite quote in mind, all you have to do is ask. Maybe “You go Glen Coco!”, “Whatever, I’m Getting Cheese Fries”, or “I’m On An All-Carb Diet”? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST. To get your hands on one, just call your local Mrs. Fields location and place your order.

If you’re throwing a viewing party (because, duh), you can also try making your own Gretchen Weiners-approved giant Mean Girls Toaster Strudel with chocolate filling and pink icing on top.

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About Ellie Conley

Ellie is an Associate Editor at Spoon University who enjoys eating Oreos for breakfast.