Mexican Fans Storm Korean Embassy, Give Diplomat Tequila

The South Korean win over Germany in the World Cup means that Mexico will advance.

By Ethan L. Johns
June 28, 2018

Image: Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images

The sight of a mob outside your window, one would imagine, is a bit disconcerting. The terror, however, may begin to subside once you realize that it is a friendly mob that wants to feed you alcohol.

Such was the situation experienced by the South Korean consul general to Mexico, Han Byoung-jin, on Wednesday, after South Korea ousted Germany from the World Cup—an upset that also resulted in Mexico advancing to the Round of 16.

After the final whistle blew, a mass of Mexican fútbol fans headed over to the South Korean embassy in Mexico City, where they posted up outside the gates in the street.

Han was hoisted into the air by an adoring and appreciative crowd that chanted, “Coreano, hermano, ya eres Mexicano” (“Korean brother, you are now Mexican!”). Once lowered back to the earth, he was given a Mexico jersey to wear, and could be seen in videos shooting tequila straight from the bottle.

According to the Drinks Business, Koreans (and, apparently anybody who looked Korean) around Mexico City were given free drinks by overjoyed bartenders after the match. Others, according to the New York Times, were lifted up and paraded around the center of the city.

We at Genius Kitchen would go so far as to say that the world definitely needs more of these friendly international mob scenes.

South Korea’s 2-0 win sent the Germans packing, allowing the Mexican national team to continue on to the knockout stage. The last time Germany failed to advance past the first round of the World Cup was in 1938.

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