McDonald's is Giving Away a $10,000 'Bling Mac' Ring

Two diamond patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on an 18-carat gold bun.

By Ethan L. Johns
February 08, 2018

Image: McDonald's

It’s definitely not the most expensive burger ever made—that title would belong to the five-ounce patty created from stem cells back in 2013—but it just might be the most stylish.

It’s a very special McDonald’s Big Mac that you might just win if you can prove how much you love the classic burger, but it’s also one that you definitely can’t eat. Why? Because it’s made of 18-carat gold, diamonds and sapphires, which would definitely hurt your teeth.

In a tweet published on Wednesday, the burger giant announced a new contest to publicize the availability of its lineup of Big Mac sandwiches, which includes the Big Mac, the Grand Big Mac, and the Mac Jr., and to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The contest prize is the “Bling Mac”—a wedding ring, of sorts, in the shape of a Big Mac. It’s “the only real, gratuitously diamond-encrusted ring, specifically designed to show just how big your Big Mac love is.”

Since the Big Mac has seven different components, so too does this ring. The two patties are made with champagne diamonds and the special sauce is made of orange sapphires. There are sapphire lettuce leaves, and the sesame seed bun is made of 18-carat gold sprinkled with diamonds. While the Twitter video states that the ring is worth $12,500, the contest rules value it at $10,000.

To enter, Twitter users need only to compose a tweet in which they write their “vows” to the Big Mac, expressing how much they love the sandwich. Tweets will be judged for their creativity, for their “love and affinity for the Big Mac sandwich” and for their sense of humor.

Want to win it all? “Duh.” Enter by the end of the day on February 14th for your shot at the least edible hamburger of all time.

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