McDonald's Casts Chrissy Teigen as Face of New Dollar Menu

The model is known for her love of fast food.

By Ethan L. Johns
January 08, 2018

Image: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

There’s little doubt that Chrissy Teigen is perfectly suited to promote fast food brands of all shapes and colors. From rocking KFC jumpsuits to leaving extravagant tips at Outback Steakhouse, she is famously one to give in to her cravings.

In an advertisement released Sunday night during the Golden Globes, Teigen starred in a 30-second spot which effectively put her in the position of spokeswoman for the arrival of the “$1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu.” 

In the spot, Teigen—who skipped this year’s Golden Globes in favor of a taco night at home—is seen driving up to a McDonald’s window, where she asks for “a ‘they never feed you at these things’ meal.” Cut to a dark theater. Everyone is starving as Teigen is seen rummaging through an award ceremony gift bag (‘tis the season, after all). Having purchased five cheeseburgers and five McChickens (for a dollar each!), she returns to her seat and distributes them to the crowd. The awards show is saved!

Once the ad aired, Teigen tweeted, “ARE YOU SO PROUD OF ME!”

This is not the first time Teigen has been hired by McDonald’s to promote their brand; last summer, she delivered burgers to firefighters in Hoboken for a “McDelivery” partnership with UberEATs.

The company’s new Dollar Menu was announced back in October. It is McDonald’s answer to what can be effectively seen as a value price war between fast food companies, in which Subway has brought back the $5 footlong, Taco Bell is releasing a string of $1 menu items and KFC is pushing a $5 “Fill-Up.”

Since the Dollar Menu was removed in 2013, McDonald’s has struggled to attract deal-hunting customers. With the menu’s return—and with the introduction of fresh beef and vegan options in certain markets—the company is working to diversify its target audiences.

Customers will now be able to get a humble cheeseburger (among other items) for $1, a Bacon McDouble or two-piece chicken tender for $2 and a triple cheeseburger or Happy Meal for $3. The $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu has been available since last Thursday.

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