Low Centerpiece Ideas for Every Holiday Table

One of these centerpieces will be perfect for your party.

When setting the table for your holiday gathering, a low centerpiece is helpful in facilitating conversation across the table and setting the mood with your guests. There is nothing worse than a centerpiece that obstructs your view and stops the flow of conversation. Instead, opt for a warm, inviting centerpiece that will add some sophistication to your meal.

We’ve created three different low centerpiece ideas based on the size of your table, the number of guests and the formality of the meal.

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Casual & Natural

Perfect for a small, rectangular table seating 4-6 guests. 

With a smaller number of guests, a more casual and intimate table setting is ideal. This lovely, natural centerpiece with various texture elements is perfect for a small group of family or friends. Using a rectangular wood tray filled with white rocks makes for an ideal base for the votive candles. Candles are a great way to add subtle light and warmth to your meal. The red berries and pine cones add additional elements of color and seasonality to the centerpiece without making it overly formal.

Keep table linens simple, using basic white, tans or even burlap to mimic the natural textures.


Many of these centerpiece elements like the rocks, candles, pinecones and frosted berries can be found at your local craft or hobby stores.

Metallic Sparkle

Perfect for a medium, round table, seating 6-8 guests.

Gold, bronze and silver are beautiful additions to any holiday color palette. This centerpiece with enchanting golden elements and sparkling fruit set around a singular large candle makes for a gorgeous, golden option. Gold table linens are a great match, bringing out the jewel tones of the fruit. Be sure the height of the center candle does not exceed 8”, giving your guests plenty of space to see over the flame.

Utilizing a round centerpiece with a round table is a natural fit, leaving plenty of extra space for wine and water glasses, dessert plates and side dish platters.

Check your local garden center or floral shop for their latest holiday arrivals. Local stores will have a great selection of holiday décor, perfect for every style and budget.

Seasonal Grandeur

Perfect for a large, rectangular table seating 8–12+ guests. 

If you have a large table, and are expecting eight or more guests, this is your opportunity to go big! Adding a large, seasonal floral spray with natural elements is both easy and inviting. Poinsettias are always wonderful as they add effortless color and style to your holiday table. Crystallized berries, flocked pine, pinecones and other winter greenery are a beautiful addition. If your table is rectangular, make sure to keep your centerpiece not only low, but long with a bit more width in the center.

Feel free to mix and match your table linens to bring out the colors in the centerpiece. Greens, reds and golds ensure your centerpiece is the focal point.

Craft and floral centers are a great place to mix and match centerpiece elements. Feel free to add fresh greenery and flowers with silk or other non-live materials for the look and style you want to achieve.

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