Mac N' Cheese Candy Canes? Seattle Retailer Makes Nightmares Come True

Two seemingly unrelated foods become related.

By Ethan L. Johns
October 03, 2018

Image: Archie McPhee

Has the epic mashup trend gone too far?

Seattle-based candymaker Archie McPhee is sending the internet through a loop with its new mac n’ cheese candy canes—a novelty that is bound to either bring you holiday cheer or make you feel sick to your stomach.

The sweets feature a white-and-yellow candy cane swirl, and are made with “cheesy flavoring,” in case you weren’t convinced that they were legit. Archie McPhee—a brand that specializes in “impractical items that make life better”—has billed them as “comfort food-flavored comfort food.”

With the outrageous public response, Archie McPhee has limited purchases of the mac n’ cheese candy canes to one box per customer, so if you want cheesy candy for all your loved ones, you might need a purchasing accomplice (or at least a couple of credit cards).

The candy canes are available in boxes of six for $5.95 and can be shipped across the U.S.

Not a fan of easy mac? Maybe you’ll enjoy clam-flavored, pickle-flavored or bacon-flavored candy canes. ‘Tis the season to be queasy, after all.

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