Love Deli Meat? Katz's Deli Now Offers Pastrami Subscriptions

Delivered to your mailbox once a month, every month.

By Ethan L. Johns
May 31, 2018

Image: Katz’s Deli/Facebook

How much do you love a steaming New York pastrami sandwich? Enough that it makes you moan with pleasure? Enough that you would drive hundreds of miles just for a taste?

If you love it enough that you’re willing to pay a premium, Katz’s Delicatessen is now officially open to saving you the trouble of traveling. Get that wallet out, because the home of what is arguably New York City’s most famous sandwich announced on Tuesday that it would be launching its very own subscription service, according to Bloomberg.

The Katz’s Monthly Subscription, which will be available beginning in June, includes enough food to feed a family of six. For $150 per month (minimum of three months), you get a seasonal box of Katz’s meats and accompaniments. June kicks off with a classic “Pastrami Package” (pastrami, rye, mustard, bread, pickles and a t-shirt) while other months mix it up. The “November Thanksgiving Package” includes plenty of sliced turkey, gravy and potato knishes, while the “January Warmer Package” will bring all the fireplace faves, like matzo ball soup, chicken noodle soup and split pea soup.

The initiative comes on the anniversary of Katz’s 130th anniversary.

The delicatessen also announced a series of “Big Ticket Items” for the folks who want a seriously deluxe experience. For the lowest “Bronze” option ($995), you get enough food to feed 50 people with hot dogs, knackwurst and all the fixings (you also get a Yeti cooler). At the top “Platinum” bracket (wait for it—$9,995), you get pastrami, corned beef and t-shirts for 150 guests, plus two professional meat carvers to serve up hot slices. Platinum buyers also get a personalized “Katz’s Golden Ticket,” which allows them to cut the deli line for a full year.

Yes, it all sounds very expensive. But you’re going to be paying for it whether you go to the Manhattan deli or have it delivered to your home, since a pastrami sandwich from the counter costs $21.45 before tax.

Turns out people really are willing to do crazy things for a taste of smoked meat.

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