Long Night? Uber Drivers Can Now Sell Hangover Cures & More

Cargo is a new service that puts a mini convenience store into Ubers and Lyfts.

By Ethan L. Johns
April 23, 2018

Image: Cargo

So you left the bar after last call and you’re hopping in your Uber or Lyft. Your driver definitely won’t tuck you into bed when you get home, but what if they could sell you a bottle of water, some munchies snacks or a hangover cure to make the following morning a little less brutal?

If the driver is participating in a service called Cargo, then you’re in luck. The sales service, which announced a partnership with Coca-Cola last week, places mini vending machines in Ubers and Lyfts. Cargo also added Atlanta to its list of participating cities, which includes New York, Chicago and Baltimore.

Using the company’s mobile site, passengers can order everything from breath mints to condoms to phone chargers. It is partnered with Kellogg’s, Red Bull and Mars, Inc., as well as Blowfish For Hangovers, which produces an FDA-approved hangover remedy that tastes like lemon and has a “wow, I’m not dying anymore” finish.

Cargo bills itself as a way for drivers to earn extra cash by providing a “five-star passenger experience.” Drivers get boxes and supplies for free, then earn a 25 percent commission on every item sold. They can earn bonus cash if they reach certain quotas. After 10 items sold in a week, drivers earn $10; after 100 items sold in a month, they earn $50. Customers can also leave cash tips through the service, which goes entirely to the driver.

Don’t live on the East Coast? Cargo reportedly is planning big moves, and hopes to expand to the West Coast before the end of 2018, with an international push to follow.

Everybody knows that road trips are only as good as the snacks that power them. Maybe Cargo will your next 15 minute car ride just as epic and filling.

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