London Architects Come Together to Craft a Gingerbread City

This year’s iteration includes licorice cable cars and candy glass skyscrapers.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 07, 2018

Image: London Festival of Architecture/Twitter

Thought you were a pro at making gingerbread houses? Just wait until you see an entire gingerbread city.

On Sunday, visitors to the V&A Museum in London will be treated to a particularly fragrant exhibition, organized by the London Museum of Architecture, which enlists local architecture firms to put away their foamcore board and their glue and focus on making models with edible gingerbread.

The third annual event—dubbed The Gingerbread City—aims to provide an accessible entrée into the world of architecture and design profession by creating a complete city out of edible materials. This year’s theme is “Imagining the Future City.”

According to Reuters, this year’s exhibition features more than 60 structures and includes a functional liquorice cable car, as well as cycling lanes and sidewalks made from sugar.

London’s Evening Standard also pointed out the presence of a microbrewery, a homeless shelter and a cinema with a screen powered by hydroponics.

The exhibition is open from December 8th until January 6th and costs the equivalent of $7.65 per person.

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Image: Stanton Williams/Twitter

Image: Apt London/Twitter

Image: Rob Fiehn/Twitter

Image: Tibbalds/Twitter

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