KFC Romania Offers Garlic Sauce for Vampire Protection

Sucks (blood) to be you, Dracula…

By Ethan L. Johns
October 31, 2017

Image: Yum! Brands

As the old stories go, there are a few things that can help ward off the fanged creatures we know as vampires. For a foodie, the obvious go-to option for protection would have to be garlic. In a sinister new promotion, KFC is lending a helping hand to the planet by offering a limited Halloween run on garlic sauce.

KFC Romania operates in the historic land of Transylvania, which you probably remember from Bram Stoker’s Dracula as being home to the blood-sucking night creature known as Count Dracula. KFC Romania also happens to sell garlic sauce year-round. Coincidence? WE THINK NOT.

If you’re not located in Romania and would like to protect yourself from vampires this Halloween, you can visit a participating KFC location in Canada, the US, Norway and the Czech Republic, among other countries. Sadly for Americans, unless you’re located near Yum! Brands’s headquarters in Plano, Texas, you’re more likely to get bit, seeing as that’s the only place you’ll be able to find it.

Though this is a clever promotion on the part of Yum! Brands, you might be wondering if KFC Romania is an actual thing. Yes, it is, and you can find the product page for their garlic sauce here. Since the garlic sauce is actually coming from Romania, the company also issued an interesting disclaimer.

“The Romanian Garlic Sauce is meant for promotional purpose only. Although Romanians eat it, it might not have been approved for consumption by food regulation authorities outside the country. Even if we do believe it will harm only vampires, those who ingest the product are fully responsible for the consequences.”

So, eat it at your own risk. But also, if you don’t eat it, you might get attacked by vampires. Decisions, decisions.

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