Jimmy Fallon Gets a New, Limited Ben & Jerry's Flavor

The ‘Tonight Show’ host now has his face on two types of ice cream.

By Ethan L. Johns
November 02, 2017

Image: Ben & Jerry's

‘Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon is known for being fluffy and friendly on his late-night NBC talk show. Funny sketches, silly games, and light-spirited celebrity interviews are broadcast to a nation in the evening. How would you take Fallon’s jet-puffed comedic essence and put it in a pint jar with the attitude of late-night TV? Ben & Jerry’s has the answer.

Ben & Jerry’s “Marshmallow Moon” enters stage left. Its vanilla ice cream base is a perfect setting for a comedic combination of toppings. The crunch of graham cracker swirls sounds like canned studio applause, while fudge flakes rain down like celebratory stage confetti.

Marshmallow Moon is the second Ben & Jerry’s flavor to bear Fallon’s name (the permanent “Tonight Dough” flavor was released in 2015), and is the first in a new series of limited-run, small-batch ice creams in the company’s Special Stash line. While the stuff lasts, it will be available on the Ben & Jerry’s website as well as in participating “Scoop Shops.” During the first week after launch, lazy ice cream lovers will be able to feed their cravings via UberEATS.

"I'm so excited about Marshmallow Moon," Fallon said in a press release. "And the name totally makes sense, because the Tonight Show logo has a moon, and I have a body like a marshmallow."

The new flavor’s not all fluff, though. As with the earnings from Tonight Dough, all proceeds from the sale of Marshmallow Moon will be donated to the SeriousFun Children’s Network, which gives sick children the chance to go to camp, all while providing them with the medical care they need.

Accidentally ate it all in one sitting? No need to feel guilty about grabbing another. Those calories are for a good cause.

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