Is This Head-Sized Avocado the Largest Ever Discovered?

It weighed as much as a newborn baby.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 07, 2017

Image: Courtesy Photo via West Hawaii Today

The fruit was so low-hanging that it was on the ground. When Pamela Wang of Kealakekua, Hawaii, found it while out strolling on Sunday, it was far and away the largest she had ever seen. But, she wondered, was it large enough to make its way into the record books?

No, as it turns out—Guinness World Records America, Inc., does not have a category for the world’s largest avocado. It does, however, have one for the world’s heaviest avocado.

The behemoth—a Daily 11 that fell from a private tree into the street from a tree before being claimed by Wang—clocked in at 5.23 pounds. Daily 11’s are known for their size, and this one lived up to the reputation, smashing the old record of 4.83 pounds.

According to Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers executive director Ken Love, who officially weighed the fruit, it likely was grown on a 40-year-old tree that was grafted by the late Yosoto Egami, a foreman at the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture.

The tree fruit—closer to the size of a butternut squash than an avocado—is big enough to make guac for an army, or at least a small village. So what did Wang did with it? She brought it to a local café to share with friends.

“It tasted excellent,” Wang told West Hawaii Today. “The tree is very good. We had 10 people there and didn’t even use up half of one half of the avocado.”

Wang won’t know for a couple months if the avocado is a winner, while she waits for a response from Guinness. And she won’t be savoring the fruit for weeks, either—not because it will go bad, but because she selflessly left it for other customers to enjoy, too.

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