Is Bob Saget the Cholula Lady? A Conspiracy is Born

You’ll have to decide for yourself.

By Ethan L. Johns
November 20, 2017

Image: Mike Mozart/Flickr

Here’s one to ask the cousins at the Thanksgiving dinner table: doesn’t the Cholula lady look an awful lot like Bob Saget?

Are you crazy? Yeah, probably. But then again, you might be onto something, seeing that it was a question that sparked wild debate this summer after America’s favorite ex-TV dad set the internet aflame when he joked about it on social media.. The comedian had acknowledged the resemblance in September 2016, but but it caught on after he mentioned it again this June on Twitter and Instagram.

“Seriously,” he said, attaching a photo of a hot sauce label, “I do not remember posing for this.”

When Saget sat down to eat hot sauce for “Hot Ones,” a hot sauce interview show, he explained the origins of the outlandish conspiracy, denying any involvement with the spicy Mexican sauce.

“What happened was, someone sent me a tweet that said ‘You look like [the lady on the Cholula bottle],’ and I couldn’t argue with it. The Cholula lady does have a resemblance, but Cholula hasn’t let go of me; they keep holding on to the tiger’s tail and saying ‘We supply the spice, Bob supplies the comedy.’ And then somebody called up [Cholula]—one [of my] representative[s]—and said ‘Do you want to do an ad, because you’re kind-of talking about him like he’s promoting your product?’ But that’s the end of the story, kids. It just sucks.”

Conspiracy squashed. Or is it? Looks like you’ll have to decide for yourself. Let us know what you think using #GeniusKitchen.

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