Can't Rip Open That Package? Just Eat It

New packaging made from seaweed is biodegradable, edible and dissolves in water.

By Ethan L. Johns
October 10, 2017

Image: Evoware

Oh the fond memories of birthdays and holidays past, when our young selves spent long, infuriating hours trying to open plastic clamshell packaging. Where did the plastic go once we had stabbed our way inside? Into the trash, probably eventually into the ocean. Seeing the Mexico-sized scope of the damage done to the Pacific Ocean, some are starting to take action to remove plastics from our daily lives.

Evoware, an Indonesian startup, is joining the battle to minimize plastic waste with its seaweed-based cups and packaging. Biodegradable, edible and dissolvable in water, the company markets its products as being useful for burger wrappers as well as for instant coffee and instant noodles; all you need to do is pop the packets in a cup, pour hot water over them, and witness the package dissolving, with minimal flavor impact.

Not only do the packages prevent waste from entering the planet’s oceans, they also help seaweed farmers who might struggle to make a living. Seaweed is becoming increasingly popular as more companies and individuals begin to recognize its health and environmental benefits. Evoware packaging is halal, an important factor for an Indonesian population that is nearly 90 percent Muslim.

According to Fast Company, Evoware will be transitioning to larger-scale production using funds from the $1 million Circular Design Challenge, which focused on solving the problem of plastics that are too small or thin to be recycled. Evoware was a joint winner of the contest, sharing the prize with five other companies.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of edible seaweed packaging? The world may soon find out.

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