In-N-Out Seeks Restraining Order Against CEO Impersonator

A YouTuber seeking hits gets the boot.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 27, 2018

Image: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Of all the creative ways to try to get a free order of burgers and fries, posing as the CEO of your local fast food joint is probably not the way to go.

In-N-Out Burger is seeking a restraining order against a man who visited two of its California locations and attempted to trick employees into believing that he was the acting CEO of the company, the Ocean County Register reported on Monday.

The accused, Cody Roeder, operates a YouTube channel called “Trollmunchies,” which features hidden camera pranks. In-N-Out is now demanding that Roeder pay over $25,000 in damages for the “significant and irreparable harm” done to its reputation.

What was the harm done? On March 13th, Roeder showed up at an In-N-Out restaurant in a suit. Roeder, claiming to be the acting CEO of the company, told employees that he was there for a “surprise visit” and demanded a burger and fries so that he could perform a “taste test.” The employees didn’t fall for the trick, and Roeder left.

But the next day, he showed up at a different restaurant in the same guise and proceeded to make a scene about an “urgent health issue.” The employees, unimpressed by the display, kept their calm, so Roeder ripped a burger from the hands of a bearded customer and threw it on the ground. Stepping on it, he called it “garbage.” According to the Register, the bearded customer was in on the stunt.

While pranksters like Roeder claim to enjoy making people “smile and laugh,” the victims tend to see their acts as more sinister and self-serving.

“We have recently seen an increase of visitors to our stores, who are not customers but instead are intentionally disruptive and who then try to promote themselves through social media,” In-N-Out said in a statement. “These visitors have unfortunately used deceit, fraud, and trespass to their own advantage, and in each instance, they have attempted to humiliate, offend, or otherwise make our customers or associates uncomfortable.”

With more and more fast food prank videos like this being published on YouTube, perhaps now we know a bit better why In-N-Out managers make so much money.

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