HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Delivers Pizza by Drone

Brought to you by the fictional ‘Sliceline’ app.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 27, 2018

How do you take a free pizza and make it even better? Well, you add pepperoni, obviously. But then again, you could always throw a drone into the mix.

And that’s exactly what HBO orchestrated on Monday, when it shipped off hundreds of pizzas in honor of the new season of its comedy series Silicon Valley, which aired this weekend.

Silicon Valley tends to poke fun at the often-ridiculous world of tech, so it seems about right that the new episode would feature an application called “Sliceline”—a punny play on Priceline—that finds you the cheapest, fastest slices of pizza in the area. Brand experience and delivery company Fooji helped bring the app to life, by working with EatStreet and 90 different pizzerias to deliver a free pie to anyone who tweeted a pizza emoji and the hashtag #Sliceline.

A select few delighted fans (20 in San Francisco and 20 in Los Angeles), received their pizza via drone. Pizzas were also delivered in New York, though drones were not permitted due to FAA rules (and restrictions around Trump Tower). In total, 714 pizzas were delivered in branded Sliceline boxes—though not all successfully.

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Fans of all sorts expressed their joy from their offices, including a few from the app Slice, which is basically just the real-life version of Sliceline.

In the end, because Sliceline shipped out its supply of 714 pizzas (and because of a “bot-net of 1,000s of fake pizza orders”) the app was forced to finish its short, satirical life with bankruptcy. And just like that hot, cheesy slice of free pizza, it was history.

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