A Terrifying Hallow’s Eve Feast for Tim Burton Fans

Learn how to create a spine-tingling spread that’s worthy of the silver screen.

Halloween’s on the horizon, which can only mean one thing: It’s scary movie season. Who better to usher in all the thrills and chills you crave this time of year than that famous director of darkness, Tim Burton? The man behind classics like Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands has made it his mission to celebrate misunderstood monsters, and we can’t get enough of his creepy characters. So this year, as the moon grows full, you’ll find us paying homage to Burton with a Halloween spread inspired by some of his most iconic films.  

To bring these films to life in the kitchen, we tapped someone we like to call the “Queen of Halloween,” the scary-talented artist and baker Christine McConnell (pictured above), who’s known for her super-spooky sweets and a serious soft spot for Burton. With the help of a few oversized bags of sugar and a wicked imagination, she’s created five Burtonesque desserts that are just begging to be part of your next ghoulish gathering. Step into her cobwebbed world and discover how she conjures the magic of your favorite films in edible (and over-the-top) form.

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Beetlejuice Pie

Bugs in your food are typically frowned upon, but when they're as adorable and delicious as these hand-crafted critters, it's unlikely you'll get too much judgment. While this pie may look somewhat grotesque (covered in creepy crawlies and dripping with green goo), I promise I haven't scrimped on its flavor. You can simply think of it as a deceptively delicious Nightmare Before Thanksgiving. Get the recipe.

Mr. Whiskers Krispy Treats

Rice Krispies treats are a Halloween party favorite, and while you'll see a ton this year in the shape of a generic ghost, I challenge you to up your marshmallow game and try something a bit craftier. Frankenweenie is arguably Tim Burton's most underrated film, and in honor of his masterpiece (and my personal favorite) I've shaped this next treat in the form of the film's real star—Mr. Whiskers, the fecally prophetic cat with a heart of coal. Get the recipe.

Jack-o-Lantern Cake

While the pumpkin in Cinderella managed to transform into a carriage, this sinister Sleepy Hollow-inspired creation does one better by taking the form of a delicious, grinning cake. With a flavor similar to spice cake, this pumpkin-forward dessert may soon become one of your favorites. Best of all, it's a memorable, glowing centerpiece that's sure to please, and while I can't promise it won't turn back into a plain pumpkin at midnight, it's doubtful any will be left by then. Get the recipe.

Caramel Nut Brown Recluse Spiders

Popcorn is the quintessential treat for movie-watching, and I think I've developed the perfect accent piece for your snack bucket at this year’s monster movie marathon—might I suggest Arachnophobia? This recipe features four simple ingredients and requires just a touch of patience to make something that I promise will give even its creator the heebie jeebies. Get the recipe.

Sleepy Hollow Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark may be a hallmark of the Christmas season, but when transformed into an insidious-looking tree, it's clear that it's a perfect treat for the month of October. Bedazzled with hand-painted peppermint candies and resting peacefully on a bed of white chocolate, this dark dessert is sure deliver the ohhs and ahhs you've worked so hard for. Its ingredients keep for a while, so feel free to prepare this well in advance of your next fright fest. Get the recipe.

Happy Haunting!


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