Grounds & Hounds Created a Custom Coffee for the Puppy Bowl

That’s one barking good cup of joe.

By Ethan L. Johns
January 11, 2018

Image: Grounds & Hounds

Each year, thousands of football-indifferent Americans tune in to an epic competition so fluffy that a “Rufferee” is needed to keep it under control. This year, the coffee-loving members of that football-indifferent crowd have something extra to bark about.

That’s right, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIV airs on February 4th (disclosure: our bums are getting bought by Discovery), and when it does, superfans who aren’t adopting dogs will most certainly be nursing a warm cup of Puppy Bowl Blend coffee, custom-made for the event by Grounds & Hounds Coffee Company.

The limited Puppy Bowl Blend is made of beans from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea, which are roasted to medium perfection. Grounds & Hounds describes the flavor as beginning with “sweet notes of molasses and ripe red berries, followed by a delicious finish of milk chocolate and toasted vanilla.” It’s 100 percent Fair Trade and costs $14.50 for 12 ounces.

Plus, it’s chock full of caffeine, because we weren’t amped up enough already at the prospect of “furry fumbles” and “terrier touchdowns.”

Because dogs are the superstars in this game, Grounds & Hounds will be donating 30 percent of the proceeds from its Puppy Bowl Blend to finance the relocation of shelter pets to foster homes. Oh, and did we mention that they’re giving away free Puppy Bowl bandanas with each coffee purchase?

So come February, brew a pot of your favorite warm beverage (coffee), cuddle up with your favorite furry friend and watch as Petree (pictured above), Vaughn and friends romp their way into America’s hearts.

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