You'll Soon Be Able to Dine Like Oprah in Grand Central

YOU get a bread basket and YOU get a bread basket!

By Ricky Smith
October 13, 2017

As if there aren’t already swarms of people visiting Grand Central Terminal on the daily, the Post reports there will soon be even more upscale dining options to lure in the masses. The one guaranteed to get attention from New Yorkers and tourists alike? A restaurant by Oprah’s former chef, Art Smith.

Art Bird & Whiskey Bar’s menu hasn’t been released, but his previous projects focused on elevated healthy fare like “unfried” chicken, which he says is an Oprah fave. The restaurant will be joined by Tartinery, an open-faced sandwich bar — but that’s just the start. “Heading into the next two years, we expect a hastening pace of RFPs for retail spaces at Grand Central,” an MTA spokesperson told the Post.

To make room for these new posh eateries, multiple existing restaurants will be ousted in the coming months including Junior’s, Two Boots Pizza and Grand Harvest Wines.
So, while you might not be able to get a classic slice of cheesecake anymore, we’re positive the new spots will make up for it in bread.

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About Ricky Smith

Ricky is an ex-midwesterner with a taste for casseroles, carbs and anything made in a slow cooker. He's also an associate editor here at Genius Kitchen.