French Fries Come to Taco Bell in Loaded-Up Burrito Form

Because what is “authenticity” but a good old challenge?

By Ethan L. Johns
December 05, 2017

Image: Taco Bell

Fast foodies went wild in October when Taco Bell revealed on Twitter that they just “just might” be adding French fries to their menu playbook. French fries from Taco Bell? They couldn’t possibly be just normal fries, could they?

Oh no, anything but ordinary. To the junk food world’s great pleasure, the chain kicked off a limited release last week of the Loaded Fries Burrito, which sees seasoned fries wrapped in three different kinds of warm burrito blankets. The snacks are available for $1.99 a pop, and can be had for the month of December as Taco Bell tests them out in Charleston, West Virginia (we know, the hype is strong with this one).

Surfer dudes and dudettes can grab-n-go with the California Loaded Fries Burrito, a gnarly combo of guacamole, seasoned beef, nacho-average cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and, obviously, a whole lot of those frites.

Others can reign supreme with the Supreme Loaded Fries Burrito, which drops the guac. Because who needs to eat greens when you’ve got nacho cheese and Frenchified fries?

Or maybe you’re the kind of person who likes a little spice in yo’ life. That’s where the Chipotle Loaded Fries Burrito comes in. It’s like the Supreme, only it took a ride on Splash Mountain on a day when the staff swapped the water for creamy chipotle sauce. Smashing. Or should we say dripping.

If you want to grab all three, you can make it a tasting box for just $5. Like any good wine worth tasting, it’ll be gone before you know it, so hop on a plane for West Virginia immediately. Or don’t. You’re allowed to settle for boring French fries if you’re into that sort of thing.

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