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12 Ravishing, Red-Hot Fondue Recipes for Valentine’s Day

You know what time it is. Turn the lights down low, crank those slow jams and stow away your stale conversation hearts. Valentine’s Day demands a little extra oh la la, preferably in the form of an impossibly suave fondue. Gooey, cheesy or chocolate-based, these hot pots are guaranteed to light your fire.

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Three-Cheese Fondue

This year, ask your valentine the most important question of all: You wanna party with Havarti? If the answer is yes, wheel out this heartbreakingly melty trio of sharp cheddar, American and Havarti cheeses, bubbling over with dipping possibilities—and unshakeable sex appeal. Get the recipe >>


Basic Chocolate Fondue

Basic, but not at all basic. The raw animal magnetism of bittersweet chocolate is only intensified when blended into a simmering bath of milk, cream and vanilla, wouldn’t you agree? Now get jiggy with it and dunk to your heart’s desire. Graham crackers? Yeah, girl. Dried apricots? Getting warmer. Juicy little kumquats? Ding ding dang! Get the recipe >>

Cheddar Cheese Fondue

Highly trained in the art of attraction, this hot pot of lava gets things flowing with a bubbly base of beer. The next move? Pile on the flavor funk with the help of wild childs like cheddar cheese, garlic, mustard powder and—have mercy—Worcestershire sauce. Get the recipe >>

Tomato Basil Queso Fundito

Hubba hubba: Smooth, supple mozzarella, plump cherry tomatoes and intoxicatingly fresh basil set the scene for this Italian dream of a dish. But a little zesty Italian dressing and red pepper flakes tip the scales firmly into R-rated territory. You’ll want to buckle up. Get the recipe >>


Toffee Fondue

Things will get a little sticky when you let this rebel of a fondue loose in your kitchen. That’s because butter, dark brown sugar and sweetened condensed milk brew a potent toffee love potion on par with any aphrodisiac out there. So you can take five for now, oysters. Get the recipe >>

Swiss Cheese Fondue

Leave it to the Swiss to perfect the art of dairy-based seduction. You’ll think you’re starring in a real life Dangerous Liaisons when you glide your fork through the glossy blend of Gouda, Emmentaler and Gruyère, perfumed with a heady dose of nutmeg and kirschwasser. Get the recipe >>

Chocolate Fondue with Peanut Butter

One iconic love story that never gets tired? The union of two true beauties: deep, dark chocolate and peanut butter. Married with milk over an open flame, this is a story of destiny—one that you’ll want to revisit year after year (with dippers a’plenty). Get the recipe >>


White Queso Dip

Your soulmate has arrived, and it’s served blazing hot from a skillet. Dotted with diced jalapeños, this studly American cheese–based queso will have you saying “ooh, caliente” at first dip. Double down on the spice with cumin, chili powder and red pepper and raise a chip to your good fortune in the romance department. Get the recipe >>

French Toast Fondue

A fairytale ending is just a forkful away when French toast stays up past its bedtime. Slather those gooey, cinnamon-crusted cubes in warm apricot-orange syrup, then reload and repeat, “when I dip, you dip” style. Get the recipe >>

Mongolian Hotpot with Chicken and Shrimp

Dang, that fondue broth is looking hot to trot tonight. No wonder, since it’s positively brimming with stature, from the dry sherry to the spicy ginger and crystalline noodles swimming inside. Time to get carnal: Spear raw hunks of red snapper, chicken and shrimp and plunge them into that glistening golden tub until they emerge all hot and bothered. Get the recipe >>


The Most Awesome Chocolate Fondue

Adele’s next hit single? Got to be a soaring love song about this dark and handsome dreamboat. Who else could capture the mystical power of semisweet chocolate swirled into hot heavy cream, laced with silky amaretto? Hello, indeed. Get the recipe >>

Ultimate Lobster Fondue

Kick the tires and light the fires, baby: You’re in for a wild night of lobster-fueled revelry. Load up a crusty loaf of bread with cayenne-spiced Velveeta and Swiss cheese, then flaunt your fanciest self by stirring in nuggets of broiled lobster tail and shrimp. Cupid’s arrow ain’t got nothin’ on this magnum opus of liquid love. Get the recipe >>

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