Staffers' Favorite Food Obsessions

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Food obsessions are about a gut reaction, an immense craveability, a desire so strong you might just walk for miles to get your hands on your personal brand of gastronomic gold. These foods aren’t your daily fruit smoothie or your reasonable salad at lunch — they’re infinitely more indulgent.’s food obsessions have been known to invade our dreams and dictate our spending habits. After all — when you live and breathe food — it’s important to be in touch with the culinary treasures that keep you thrilled about all the magic food has to offer.

Sure, this sounds a little serious, but we can’t help but take food seriously and our obsessions are no laughing matter! We bet you can relate to our immense love of all things calorie-based, so dig in, read along and treat yourself to a heaping serving of your personal food obsession!

Amanda, Senior Managing Editor

I've always been jazzed about ice cream floats, but boozy floats have become my calling card lately. Dark & Stormy floats, Manhattan floats, chocolate stout floats — I've tried them all. My current favorite? This edgy, adult creamsicle made with Aperol (the bitter orange aperitif), blood orange soda and vanilla ice cream. It's easy, it's bittersweetly balanced and it boasts a crown of coral foam. Can't. Stop. Slurping. Get the recipe >> 


Kiera, Social Media Manager

Dim sum is my obsession. I have no idea about the proper name of anything, but it's something that I've been going to since I was a kid. I just love the variety of dishes, and it feels like a present when you take off the wooden tops of the bamboo steamers. Make dim sum at home >> 

Hannah, Associate Editor

I don’t care if this obsession makes me the most basic on the block. I can’t get enough avocado toast. I make it at home and I’ve definitely, without hesitation, ordered it at restaurants. There is nothing like an avo-topped toast with crusts so strong and stable you cut the top of your mouth a little when you take massive bites. This is a trend I NEVER want to go out of style, and if I have anything to do with it, it won’t. Don't tell a soul, but I can, on occasion, get behind lemony pea puree when my avocados aren’t ripe. Long story short, If I got a tattoo it would be avocado toast with za’atar and olive oil, zero questions. Get the recipe >>


Ricky, Associate Editor

My food obsession is barbecue — no specific type, no specific dish, just barbecue. And not just the meat! Pictured here is tender, smoked beef brisket alongside freshly baked corn muffins and green bean casserole. It’s the perfect meal for me: meat, carbs and veggies covered in meat and carbs. My love for ‘cue stems from its indulgent nature — liberal seasoning, an appreciation for fat and excruciatingly long cooking methods. Discover 25 brilliant ways to eat barbecue >>

Kevin, Director of Digital Operations

My current obsession is always changing with the season, but this summer that doesn't mean ripe peaches or blueberries, that means ice cream. While stacked scoops never go out of season, there is no better time than the dog days of summer to enjoy this sweet treat — especially when swirled with mix-ins galore (think salted caramel, marshmallow cereal and hunks of cookie dough). Learn how to make homemade ice cream >>


Liza, Director of Digital Programming

Deviled eggs? So expected, so one note, not enough zing. But these beet-pickled eggs from our corner bistro? Just the right amount of pep thanks to their trip to a vinegar-beet bath. The rouille they serve them atop is the creamy ying to their tart yang, plus the hot pink technicolor dreamcoat they sport is just so damn fun. Obsessed! Can't make it to Seattle? Try making these pickled eggs >>


Ellie, Social Intern

There are many reasons I miss New York when I’m at school in the UK, but the food is reason #1. The best bagels in Scotland pale in comparison to NY’s worst, and what's even more tragic — I can’t get a slice of pizza anywhere! They only sell personal pies, and biting into one of those doesn’t just leave a bad taste in my mouth, it feels morally wrong. The first thing I eat whenever I get back to the city is a $1 New York slice. I <3 you forever, pizza. Try this almost $1 slice >>



William, Social Magic Maker

I’m obsessed with my current diet scheme: I drink a Venti Iced Vanilla Americano at 10AM every morning — I’m slightly shaky but I won’t be hungry until around 4PM. Just in time for happy hour discount sandwich pricing. By the time I’m hungry again for dinner, it’s too late to order delivery so I tend to settle for a bowl of cereal or ice cream. I’ve lost 4 lbs already! I’m exhausted all the time, but it’s totally worth it. Get a similar, er, better recipe >>

Ethan, Editorial Intern

I fell in love with a cocktail during the winter — as many must have before — when the weather was coldest. Even with its two-inch ice cube it managed to warm my spirit — and my stomach. Then the New York slush melted and my winter affair turned into a summer romp. I put it on a pedestal; up in a coupe for the whole bar to see. It's bitter; it's sweet; it's red like my ardent heart. Negroni, to you I am devoted. To you, I pledge my palate for eternity. Drink a Negroni tonight >>

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