Fast Food Lovers Mourn Burned Taco Bell with Candlelight Vigil

A joke event becomes reality.

By Ethan L. Johns
January 24, 2018

Image: Montgomery Fire/Rescue via Montgomery Advertiser

It truly is a heartbreaking feeling when your favorite restaurant closes down. It’s like… the people who take care of your tummy… they can’t even feed you anymore… You close yourself up in your room. Take-out it is. When will you ever step outside again? You don’t know.

So naturally, some Alabamians were struck hard when a Montgomery Taco Bell caught fire and burned to a crisp early last Wednesday morning. So hard, in fact, that some devastated customers decided to hold a candlelight vigil for their fave fast foodery.

What started out as a joke event on Facebook quickly morphed into a full-fledged viral success, as over 100 Taco Bell devotees showed up in the parking lot to pay their respects to the burned temple of roadside gastronomy.

According to the Associated Press, the crowd (which skewed toward teens and 20-somethings) brought offerings of Taco Bell goodies and candles, which they lay near the burned shell of a restaurant. The candles were definitely not provided by the event creators (“Bring your own candles. We are broke.”).

“Waffle House is open, but if you really want to get full, you’ve got to have 10 dollars. Sometimes you don’t have that,” said local comedian Ashley Nicole Portis to the AP. “Sometimes they’re out of waffles. Taco Bell, they’re never out of tortillas.”

Portis performed a parody sketch before a Taco Bell Party Pack was tossed into the crowd—a party pack that traveled the distance, possibly from the next-closest Taco Bell. A Taco Bell that is seven to nine minutes by car.

Craving crisis averted.

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