Failed Your Diet? A Surprising Number of Americans Blame Their Partners

But it’s easy to come up with a plan for staying on track.

By Ethan L. Johns
June 29, 2018

Image: iStock

Have you ever given up on your diet because your partner was eating something that looked just too darn good? Has your partner ever actively tried to get you to give up on your diet?

If so, you’re not alone. According to new market research on dieting and healthy eating, a surprisingly large number of buck-passing Americans find their partners at fault for their fasting failures—nearly a quarter (24 percent). When paired with temptation, stress and high prices, a positively sinful picture is painted.

The polling research is based on responses from 2,000 American adults was funded by the supplement brand Isopure and conducted by OnePoll.

It also found that 38 percent of respondents on a diet caved into temptation from their favorite foods—namely pizza, ice cream, chips and chocolate. This is easy to believe, because these are some of God’s greatest gifts to man.

Unfortunately, 32 percent reported that healthy food is too expensive, and unhealthy food is less expensive (guess they’ve never heard of rice and beans). A whopping 42 percent said that they broke their diets to cope with stress.

How can you avoid this? Isopure says that having a diet plan is important—especially one that takes into consideration the fact that you and your pals love to glug rosé on Mondays while watching The Bachelor and binge-eat pizza on Thursdays while watching football.

So next time your significant other tries to ply you with Ben & Jerry’s, just point to your plan and stick with it. Then move on over to the other side of the couch, because that spoonful of ice cream is ours.

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