Eggo Waffle Truck Crashes ‘Stranger Things’ Premiere

Plus, recipes for upgrading Eleven’s favorite snack.

By Ethan L. Johns
October 30, 2017

Image: Kellogg Company

The Netflix-subscriber community (and undoubtedly some pirates) went bonkers this weekend with the season two release of last year’s sleeper hit Stranger Things. Fittingly, the food at last week’s Hollywood premiere was catered by none other than an Eggo waffle truck.

At the premiere, the 80’s-themed Eggo waffle truck was hawking waffles with various toppings that Kellogg claims “complement” each individual episode of the show. Sources say that fans and celebs alike were chowing down on waffles like the Demogorgon chowing down on Barb (#JusticeForBarb).

If you don’t understand the Stranger Things-Eggo waffles connection, what you need to know is that Eleven, the show’s mysteriously telekinetic supergirl, is obsessed with them. Like, willing-to-rob-a-convenience-store obsessed. Not that she knows better, but I digress.

Want to eat your way into the Stranger Things spirit? Try our recipe for Stranger Things Chocolate Waffle Bread Pudding. Or check out the nine-course paired tasting menu, starting with “Eggo’s Mad Max Munchies” for chapter one, and work your way up to “The Eggo Gate” for chapter nine. You can find the recipes on the Eggo site, along with a Stranger Things spoiler blocker from Eggo if you’re afraid that your friends will ruin the plot for you.

Just don’t binge eat while you binge watch or you won’t be able to run away from the Halloween horrors that appear in the second season.

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