Egg-Throwing Korean Soccer Fans Won’t Be Punished

Yolk’s on the players.

By Becca Miller
July 12, 2018

Image: Ulrich Baumgarten/Getty Images

After an embarrassing loss in the World Cup group stage this year in Russia, the South Korean National Soccer team arrived home to even more egg on their faces. Literally.

At the end of June, disappointed fans welcomed the team at the airport, not with a showering of gifts, but with a showering of eggs. During a press conference, the mob egged the players’ feet, visibly upsetting Son Heung Min, among other teammates, who was addressing media at the time.

Although their upset win over the reigning champ Germany literally changed the game for the World Cup, it wasn’t enough for the fiery fans, who, in addition to the protein-packed pelt, also rolled Union Jack pillows onto the stage, supposedly insinuating that they have stooped to the embarrassing reputation of the England soccer team.

Mexican fans were more grateful to the South Korean team, for their epic win over Germany allowed Mexico to advance past the group stage. Forming a friendly mob outside of the South Korean embassy in Mexico, fans expressed their gratitude with the delivery of tequila to the Korean consul.

A reddit user took Mexico’s thanks a step farther, inviting the players to Mexico and expressing that they’d be welcomed with fanfare and a feast instead of an egg toss.

The Korean Football Association has chosen not to punish the fans even though the egg chucking is considered assault, freeing them of any charges they may have faced.

This is not the first time the team has experienced a food-fight homecoming. After failing to escape the group stage of the World Cup in 2014, fans greeting the team at the airport threw wrapped toffee at the players.

Let’s hope that the South Korean team has success at the 2022 World Cup, or their supporters may elevate their food fight tactics to something more aggressive, like tomatoes.

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