Drunk Vegan Man Arrested After Ordering 200 McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

Because we all get cravings sometimes.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 01, 2017

Image: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images

We’ve all cheated on our diets (who needs ‘em anyway?) after a few drinks. That slice of pizza; that cupcake; they all seem just within our grasp after a pint... or five. In Sydney, Australia last month, one man took diet infidelity to soaring new heights.

After working his way up to a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.175, Kole Olsen, 30, pulled up to a McDonald’s drive-through window and tried to place an order for a light, late-night snack of 200 chicken nuggets. (For your reference, the legal BAC limit for driving under the influence in Australia is 0.05. In the US it is 0.08. At 0.2, most people will experience blackouts.)

After the staff informed him that he could not order nugs at 5 a.m. on a Saturday, a very hangry Olsen went on an obscenity-filled tour of the parking lot before returning to instead order 200 hash browns (it was closer to breakfast time, after all). When the manager of the Golden Arches went out to hand-deliver the greasy potato patties, Olsen demanded a refund for the 200 fries and Big Macs that he did not order before threatening to fight the entire staff. Go get ‘em tiger.

Once Olsen was detained, his license was suspended for nine months and he was fined $1,000. Yet the Magistrate (read: judge) found one thing about the ordeal to be quite confusing.

“I thought he was on a vegan diet?” remarked the upholder of justice.

Indeed, the perpetrator was a card-carrying vegan, but his lawyer asserted that by making the choice of hash browns, he was remaining loyal to his diet.

A two-timing dieter, saved by the McDonald’s breakfast menu. No word on whether Olsen was permitted to chow down on his hash browns while in the drunk tank. For $230, we certainly hope so.

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