Drink SNL While Watching SNL with New SNL Wine

New York’s hottest wines are...

By Ethan L. Johns
November 30, 2017

Image: Lot18

We already knew that the folks at SNL were a bunch of excellent cork-soakers, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before they got into the business for real.

In collaboration with Lot18—a wine retailer that creates branded bottles—Saturday Night Live is releasing its very own wines that promote the show and some of its most beloved characters, including Stefon, Debbie Downer, and the Californians. Bottles range from $18 to $20 each, but you can pick up one of each for a discounted $70, or a mixed case of 12 for $189. You’ll have to snap ‘em up while they last, because these wines are limited edition.

Starting with whites, there’s the 2016 Debbie Downer South Eastern Australia Chardonnay. It’s got flavors of citrus and orchard fruit with toasted oak and nuts, and it would go great with creamy, zesty seafood risotto, if only the ocean wasn’t full of plastic and the seafood wasn't all dying. Wah-wahhhh.

On the lighter end of the reds, New York’s hottest wine is YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE SEPARATING. Nah, just kidding. It’s a 2016 Stefon Beaujolais with cranberry and cherry with hints of violet and black pepper. It’s easy drinking, just like that cocktail from Jellybowls.

I think you should sit down, Stuart, because this 2015 The Californians Monterey County Merlot is one concentrated and ripe wine, with cherry and plum flavors. Also… hints of roasted coffee? Weut err yiu deuin’ hiur?

Last but definitely not least, there’s the 2016 Saturday Night Live California Red Blend, which was partially aged in bourbon and has flavors of black cherry, black plum, vanilla, dried herbs and oak. Eat it with a steak and watch the show—if you can stay up that late.

As with any alcoholic beverage, make sure to always drink responsibly—especially while cooking. If you don’t, you might just lose a finger like The French Chef.

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