Domino’s Launches Video Game with Free Pizza Rewards

Pizza + physics = fun and free food.

By Becca Miller
April 03, 2018

Image: Shutterstock

Nowadays we spend so much time on our phones, playing games or ignoring our friends at meals—and let’s be real, we could be doing much more productive things. Good news, phone fiends; Domino's is here with a solution. Well, sort of.

This week, Domino’s pizza launched their newest ad campaign, complete with a partnering mobile game through which players can gain loyalty points while using the Domino’s rewards program. Customers can now play their way to free pizza. Yup, you heard that correctly, screen time can now lead to slice time. The new game, “Piece of the Pie Pursuit,” mimics the design of a Rube Goldberg machine where players guide pieces through a contraption to complete each level. Sounds easy enough.

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Image: Domino's

Domino’s knows exactly what their tech-savvy pizza-loving customers want, which is why they keep coming up with out-of-the-box campaigns pairing their loyalty program with integrated technology. Their Anyware campaign houses all their clever marketing ploys, including gaining points towards rewards by ordering on their app or using their pizza emojis.

Each level of their new game employs a different pizza tool or tasty ingredient, from pizza cutters to meatballs, making players hungry while they navigate the game’s course. After completing the six levels, players gain ten points towards their rewards. After 60 points, you earn a free medium two-topping pizza. Phone addictions have never been so rewarding. Not to mention this game is the perfect distraction for anyone waiting for their pizza delivery to arrive.

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