Dole Whip Doughnuts Just Arrived At Disneyland

The happiest food on earth.

By Hannah Petertil
April 10, 2018

Image: Disney

Disney of yore, imagine it: your tear-stained face, the hope in your eyes that maybe, just maybe you’ve finally convinced your parents to take you to the happiest place on earth — you’re going to meet Jasmine and snap a pic with adorable Minnie Mouse ears. But times have changed (read: we ‘grew’ up) and Disney didn't lose a beat. Instead of trying to get nostalgia-loving millennials to dream about the log flume rides or Indiana Jones' treks through the Lost Arc, they’ll latch onto something even more envy-inducing: Instagram-worthy eats .

There was, and still is, internet pandemonium over dole whip, they nailed the grey stuff (it’s delicious) from Beauty and the Beast and Groot bread *audible gasp* — you name it and Disney made into super tasty food. But now, there is a new sweetheart rearing it’s beautiful marshmallow meringue-topped face: Dole Whip doughnuts. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!


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Image: Instagram/Ninatinkandtaylor

First things first: This pineapple-filled doughnut brings together a few of our (and by our I mean everyone’s) favorite things, fried dough, swirled and toasted meringue, pineapple frosting AND pineapple filling. Be still our beating hearts.

The only bad news — relatively speaking, considering this is really just a reason to spend a whole week at the park and not just a day — is that these pillows of happiness were spotted at the Donut Cart, which was stationed in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. According to Disney Food Blog, this Cart has rotating flavors, so the availability of this pineapple princess is still TBD.

On the off chance you don’t luck out and go to Disneyland on a day when the cart is doling out Dole Whip doughnuts, we suggest making this and this filled with this at home instead.  

UPDATE: Offical Disney sources have given us the download, so listen up! This doughnut is only being sold until April 20th, and they'll be going for $6 each — a small price to pay for a taste of doughnut royalty. 

While this flavor feels like a Dole Whip, it isn't actually a Dole product, so if you're on the Disney doughnut hunt be sure to ask for a Pineapple Donut with Meringue. While that name is something you'd want to say daily, this doughnut will only be available once a week, give or take, as they rotate through different flavors a daily. 

Now, if you are going to be at Disney between now and the 20th, be sure your first stop is at The Coffee Cart on Main Street, U.S.A. because this is where the premium doughnuts are sold and once they sell out for the day they don't make more. 

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