Dogfish Head Brews a Fiery Pepper Spray Beer

Keep it in your bag for emergency situations.

By Ethan L. Johns
February 02, 2018

Image: Dogfish Head

You’re walking down a dimly-lit street and are beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable when, all of a sudden, your very best friend pops out of a dark alley. What do you do?! Pull out your can of Mace beer and turn that bad boy into a champagne shower to celebrate! Yay, friends!

Brand partnerships are hot right now, so it makes perfect sense that craft brewery Dogfish Head would work with Mace Brand pepper spray to brew up an “In Your Mace!” beer that’s nearly as spicy-hot as the real thing. Try to not get any in your eyes.

“In Your Mace!” is a coffee milk stout with a whole lot of spice flavor that comes from a variety of exotic ingredients. Try “cinnamon verum chips from the Zanzibar Islands,” the actual mace spice, coffee and chicory. And, of course, it contains a food-grade version of the eye-destroying component in Mace Brand pepper spray: oleoresin capsicum, which is an oil that comes from chili peppers.

While the beer is more subtle than the pocket book-friendly pepper spray, the brewers still needed to don protective gear when making it.

The collaboration was apparently a product of the relationship between Dogfish Head President Sam Calagione and the Mace Brand VP of Sales Eric Crawford. The two played high school football together, according to a company blog post, and dreamed up the beer in anticipation of the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston, where they’ll be serving their spicy creation.

“We’re always in search of unique, avant-garde, experimental beer ideas that push the boundaries of traditional brewing while still delivering rich aromas, flavor profiles and culinary ingredients that Dogfish beer fans count on and love,” said Calagione in the post. “Any day we get to brew a beer wearing full body suits, face masks and respirators is a memorable day in the brewhouse.”

The beer will be available on tap at the Dogfish Head tasting room in Milton, Delaware beginning February 2nd. On February 17th, fans will be able to get in on a limited run of 200 bottles (two bottles per person), for $18 per 750-milliliter bottle.

You’ll want to get there early (doors open at 11 a.m.) if you want some; there’s nothing like the smell of oleoresin capsicum in the morning.

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