Disney World Unveils New Line of Millennial Pink Goodies

Love sugar? We’ve got your next vacation lined up.

By Ethan L. Johns
April 20, 2018

Image: Disney Parks Blog

So the full line of pink Starburst clothing wasn’t enough for you, huh? You need more pink in your life? Looks like it’s time to take a trip to the “Most Magical Place on Earth(™),” which now might be the pinkest place on earth, too.

Last week, just in time for the flowers and cherry trees, Disney announced in a blog post that it would be unleashing a tidal wave of pink treats at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The new selection of 10 different rosy bites ranges from the sticky sweet to the adult-friendly, and is bound to pink-wash the Instagram feeds of youthful millennials everywhere.

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Starting with the sickeningly sweet, there’s the Millennial Pink Milkshake, which is a strawberry-flavored milkshake topped with pink cotton candy and pink marshmallows in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Perfect as a refreshing tipple when you’re wading through massive crowds in the boiling heat.

If you’re feeling like a trip to the Pacific Islands, head over to the Polynesian Resort for an all-pink cupcake (pictured at the top of the page). The Millennial Pink Cupcake is the pinnacle of authenticity, complete with vanilla cake, guava cream, buttercream and fondant Minnie Mouse ears for a garnish. Not a fan of exotic flavors? The park will also be serving up a different pink cupcake that tastes like strawberries (don’t worry, you still get the fondant ears).

Maybe you just want something dipped in pink chocolate or icing. It’s not that fancy new ruby chocolate, but the Millennial Pink Pop is a cake pop coated in pink pearl sprinkles and Minnie ears, which is just adorable. The cream puff is even more decadent, with its Disney ears shape, its pink icing coating and its Bavarian raspberry cream center.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a chocolate piñata, complete with Minnie Mouse headband ears made of white chocolate, and filled with vanilla marshmallows and strawberry crispy pearls? Baseball bat not included.

Finally, for the adults that just need to sit down and let the bubbles go to their heads after a long day in the Florida sun, there’s the Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvée, because of course sitting down in the air conditioning is something to celebrate. It’s refreshing and it comes with a cute topper of, you guessed it, mouse ears.

For a complete list of treats, and the specific locations in the park where they can be found, head on over to Disney World’s blog. Genius Kitchen is not responsible for any sugar-induced episodes that may occur once you arrive there.

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