Deadpool Dreams Up DEVOUR Frozen Sandwiches in New Campaign

Devour a taste of Deadpool’s dreams.

By Becca Miller
April 12, 2018

Image: Business Wire

Have you ever had a dream that you’re riding on a unicorn through the aisles of a supermarket on the hunt for a delicious sandwich? You take a stop at the frozen cabinet, have a quick chat with an animated corn dog and some noodles playing casino games, before swiping a box of DEVOUR sandwiches to throw in your cart already full of the same brand.

This doesn’t sound familiar?

Well, in an ad released this week for DEVOUR foods, we join Deadpool in this exact scenario. We are dropped right into his dream complete with unicorns, talking food and giant microwaves... and we’re loving it.

The character is the new spokesman for a line of grilled cheese sandwiches found in the frozen food aisle, providing a convenient cheesy answer to all of your cravings.

The ad plays on Deadpool’s signature sense of humor, with all the absurdity you might expect from the character. Played by Ryan Reynolds, the superhero also knows he’s selling out for the sake of marketing.

“Are you selling out?” a girl asks the popular Marvel superhero, to which he responds, “Of course I am.”

Deadpool and Devour are partnering in the build up to the May 18th release of Deadpool 2, sure to be full of more of the hero’s witty commentary, and maybe even a Devour sandwich or two.

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