Cronut Creator Crafts 'Huevocado' Easter Egg

Dominique Ansel’s new seasonal dessert is a must-buy for avocado fanatics.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 20, 2018

Image: Dominique Ansel LA

As if anything from pastry whiz Dominique Ansel would just be simple. Puh-lease.

This may look like an avocado (that’s kind-of the point), but turns out it’s more likely to please chocolate fiends than avocado toast-lovers. That’s because this avocado—dubbed the “Huevocado”—is really an Easter egg.

Announced on Monday by the Ansel team, the Huevocado is made of chocolate and disguised as California’s favorite green. Available online from Friday, March 23rd, to Sunday, April 1st, folks in the Los Angeles area will have to order at least two days ahead before picking up an egg from the Dominique Ansel Bakery. Each egg will cost $22, for what is quite possibly the most expensive egg you have ever purchased.

What’s inside the egg, you’re asking? Well, break open the avocado and you’ll find… mini white chocolate eggs! Could we call it… eggception? We could, but that would be too easy.

In another egg-shaped experiment, Ansel and co. have created “Peep-a-Boo Marshmallow Chicks,” which look like Peeps marshmallows stuffed inside real eggshells. When the shell is removed, you’ll find a chocolate egg underneath, filled with a soft salted caramel center. These eggs will also be available in Ansel’s New York shops.

Ansel is far from being the first to whip up a creative take on the Easter egg, but his might be one of the more artistic ones we’ve seen so far. If you have avocadophobia, you might check out this gin and tonic Easter egg. Or if your acceptance letter from Hogwarts got lost in the mail, this Harry Potter Easter egg will give you a chance to get sorted into your house.

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