Costco Is Now Poke Bowl Central

Tuna on fleek at this bulk-buy boutique.

By Ethan L. Johns
October 11, 2017

Costco is the home of the $4,000-dollar doomsday prepper kit and the bargain coffin, representative of everything good, goofy, and obscene about American consumerism. It also, as most people who have braved its aisles know, has a surprisingly great selection of noms. Noms, which we just discovered include poke.

Poke is the tuna sensation that’s been sweeping the nation for the past couple of years now. If you’re not on top of your trends, poke (pronounced POE-kay) is a Hawaiian dish with Japanese origins made from raw, sashimi-grade tuna that has been marinated, usually in a mixture of soy sauce and sesame oil.

Poke is definitely best when freshly marinated, but if convenience is the name of the game, Costco’s hotel pan poke is ok in our books. The wholesale giant has been selling it for a couple of years now, depending on the location of the store. You can find it for sale at the deli, packaged in the classiest of classy ways: in a rotisserie chicken container. Throw it on some rice for a bowl to rival the best Chipotle has to offer, or mix it up with lettuce for a quick, fresh, affordable salad.

Tryna’ make your own? Go traditional with Hawaiian Red Tuna Poke or whip up a zesty Grapefruit Poke. Feeling too sluggish? Watch other people make a salmon poke bowl—in perfect symmetry. Poke on, Wayne.

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Ethan is the Food News Writer at Genius Kitchen. An expert on the Parisian bistrot, he likes bitters and salted butters, and is no fan of dessert unless it's made with fruit. His hobbies include reading up on the history of borscht and attempting to roll perfect couscous by hand. Twits & Instagram @EthanLJohns