Colorful Low-Marijuana Soda Aims to Replace Alcohol

Fizzy juice with a mild dose of drugs.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 23, 2018

Image: California Dreamin’

While some drinks exist to get you blitzed (heyo Four Loko), generally you have some milder options. When it comes to drinking cannabis, a new fizzy beverage hopes to hit the sweet spot that you might not be able to reach with other drinks.

California Dreamin’, a colorful new line of “all-natural” fruit sodas, is getting attention for its laid back vibes and for its cannabis content. Its colorful beverages come in four different carbonated, juice-centric iterations, including Cranberry Apple, Pomegranate, Tangerine and Grapefruit.

While drinkable marijuana exists in several forms, in California, it cannot be mixed with alcohol. While many drinkable brands in the state aim to bring you to stoner status, California Dreamin’ aims a bit lower. Each bottle contains a small amount of THC (10 milligrams), which the company claims is meant to “give you a fun buzz, not get you Cheech and Chonged.”

“A lot of the drinks that are on the market are 100 milligrams and for people who smoke or who are used to THC,” Jennifer Jordan, an operations director at Diamond Bonsai in Oakland, told KPIX 5 in San Francisco. “It’s not only natural and has a delicious flavor but it’s 10 milligrams, so it’s a low-dose. It’s not intimidating to anyone, so you can casually drink it.”

Yet while sweet dreams may be made of these, when it comes to California Dreamin’ and other edible marijuana products, some seem to disagree.

California packaging guidelines require that products containing cannabis not “refer to the product as a candy, be attractive to children, make health claims or include cartoons.” While a child’s aesthetic sensibilities are, without a doubt, subjective, the argument could—and is—being made that colorful packaging makes a product more attractive to children.

With the U.S. still navigating the new territory of legalization, we’ll have to stay tuned to figure out what it takes for California Dreamin’ and other brands to make their spacey products into less of a nightmare for parents.

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