Get Hypercaffeinated with Coca-Cola Coffee

Too bad you’ll have to go to Japan to get it…

By Ethan L. Johns
September 18, 2017

Image: Coca-Cola Japan

September 18, 2017
— The coffee tonic was the first byproduct of the soaring success of iced and cold-brewed coffee. So it was only a matter of time before coffee started mingling with other carbonated beverages. Enter Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, the new caffeinated beverage that’s about to change your daily routine (if you live in Japan, that is).

The vending machine-friendly Coke and coffee cocktail is available exclusively to Japanese consumers, who are widely known to have an affinity for quirky snacks. According to Extra Crispy, the 190 ml (6.42 fl. Oz., roughly half the serving size of a normal US bottle) beverage is made by adding coffee extract powder to Coca-Cola, which provides the strung-out, exhausted consumer with a whopping caffeine dose of 34 mg. For reference, a classic Coca-Cola of the same size contains 18.2 mg of caffeine.

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is not the beverage producer’s first foray into coffee mixtures; it released Coke Blak in 2006 in an attempt to target older, coffee-drinking consumers. The product garnered a lukewarm response and was ultimately discontinued in 2007.

If you don’t live in Japan and are looking to experience the rush of ice-cold, coffee-nated Coca-Cola, you can try to make your own by doing the exact same thing that they did: just combine Coke and coffee until you wind up with something drinkable.

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